The Original Bach Flower Color Cards
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The Original Bach Flower Color Cards

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The Original Bach Flower Color Cards

Instruction by Ingrid S. Kraaz and Wulfing von Rohr

From the booklet:

"With this card set we introduce for the first time a very simple method of ascertaining, on your own, the right Bach flower essences and healing colors along with corresponding affirmations supporting meditation: the Bach Flower Color Cards.

The complete set of the Bach Flower Color Cards consists of:

a. this manual,

b. 38 basic cards, with illustrations by the Austrian artist Silvia Reili-Preinfalk, which very effectively express the specific vibration of each Bach remedy, on one side, along with

  • the original group classification in which each remedy is to be found according to Dr. Edward Bach,
  • their English names as well as the standard international reference numbers,
  • and a brief reference to the most common kind of case when this flower essence is applicable.

On the reverse side of the card you will find the color corresponding by its vibration and being complementary to the indiviudal Bach flowe essences.

c. 39 meditation cards, 38 of which again depict the individual plants on the front side, and an additional card containing the 'rescue remedy'mixture, along with,

  • the English names and reference numbers, and
  • the affirmation corresponding in vibration to the vibratory level of the respective Bach remedy.

On the reverse side you will find

  • three meditation colors for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Thus the complete set contains a detailed manual and two separate card sets with a sum total of 77 cards."

No. 28 of the meditation cards is missing. Card no. 2. (28) is double. This means the plant of No. 28 of the meditation cards is indeed depicted twice except without the affirmation. There are also 2 blank cards for making your own, so it is possible to easily recreate the missing card using the card that is double. Since this is not a traditional divination deck, shuffling is not an issue.

AGM AGMueller, Spielkartenfabrik, Neuhausen am Rheinfall/Schweiz

Copyright 1989

The instruction booklet as well as the ORIGINAL BACH FLOWER COLOR CARDS are patented.

The first two pages of the booklet are slightly crumpled, the cards are in excellent condition and the box shows miniscule signs of wear.