The Enochian Tarot
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The Enochian Tarot

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The Enochian Tarot

Created by Gerald & Betty Schueler

Painted by Sallie Ann Glassman

From the box:

"The Enochian Tarot - your New Age map of life! Use it to choose the road you want. Here is a powerful tool which allows you to look deep inside your subconscious and "see" the direction you life is taking. Here is an easy-to-use system of self-discover.

Written by recognized authorities on Enochian Magick, they explain clearly the cosmic forces these powerful cards represent. The cards are illustrated with vivid primordial images by Sallie Ann Glassman, an artistic member of the OTO, and incorporate a Crowleyan flavor. Divided into the Major and Minor Arcana like traditional Taro decks, the expanded Major Arcana has a set of 30 pictures called the Atouts or Triumphs, and represent qualities such as Doubt, Intuition, Glory, etc. The Minor Arcana contains 56 cards which represent the Four Enochian Watchtowers and is divided into four suits called Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Use the Enochian Tarot as a key to self-determination, and with this key you can open any door!"

Complete 86-card deck in full color

Complete instructions

Copyright (c) 1989 Gerald & Betty Schueler and Sallie Ann Glassman

Box shows slight signs of wear

Cards and booklet in mint condition