The Buckland Gypsy Fortunetelling Deck
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The Buckland Gypsy Fortunetelling Deck

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The Buckland Gyspy Fortunetelling Deck

by Raymond Buckland

THIS TAROT DECK is based on designs used in the Buckland family for generations. Raymond Buckland, well-known in Wiccan circles, is also a Gypsy. This is a true Gypsy deck, using only 52 Minor Arcana cards along with the full 22-card complement of the Major Arcana (all in beautiful color).

The art and methods for using a Gypsy deck are unique, and the enclosed booklet explains everything. This deck is perfect for answering troubling questions, for fortunetelling, and for "divination", the ability to bring the spiritual into your life.

A 74 card deck including instruction booklet. Cards and booklet in good condition, box shows sligh signs of wear and tear.

Copyright 1989 Raymon Buckland

Published by Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota

Box Design by Brooke Luteyn