Rolla Nordic Tarot Deck - First Edition
Rolla Nordic Tarot Deck - First Edition
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Rolla Nordic Tarot Deck - First Edition

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"The Rolla Nordic Tarot Deck

Booklet of Instructions by Rolla Nordic

The Rolla Nordic Tarot Deck conceived by Rolla Nordic

Deck made in Switzerland

Box and Booklet printed in USA

Contains 22 Major Arcana

56 Minor Arcana Cards

Printed in Black and White

Suitable for personalized coloring.

Instructions include general guidelines for coloring."


Published in 1981 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The cards are in mint condition and still sealed. The box shows only slight wear.

An excellent edition and unique in the fact that you can color the cards yourself and the booklet includes instructions on how to do so.