Il Tarocco di Colombo
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Il Tarocco di Colombo

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Il Tarocco di Colombo

Design and text by Amerigo Folchi



Published in 1991

Made in Bologna, Italy

From our blog archive:

Il Tarocco di Colombo was published by Italcards, Bologna (Italy) in 1991. The cards are designed by Americo Folchi who must have a thing for travelling as several of the decks designed by him show images of faraway places or mysterious places.

The beautifully designed cards of Il Tarocco di Colombo show images of the travels of Columbus. These images show the fear as well as the curiosity of the sailors of those days and the way Columbus sought to overcome the myths surrounding the New World, the barriers between man and the Ocean, the Atlantic abyss, almost monstrous in its boundlessness. The cards of Il Tarocco di Colombo make Columbus’s travels and adventures into an almost real live experience. And, Americo Folchi’s truly beautiful designs make fantasizing yourself being a participant on one of Columbus’s legendary travels most easy.

The text on the cards is in English, French, Italian and Spanish, the accompanying booklet is only in English and Italian. The cards come in a deluxe cardboard box and have never been used. Limited edition of 3000 copies of which the one described is number 2021. A rare and intriguing deck!

Box, cards and instruction booklet in mint condition.