Arcus Arcanum Tarot - Very rare set of two tarot decks
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Arcus Arcanum Tarot - Very rare set of two tarot decks

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Very rare set of two tarot decks

The first deck is the German 22 Majors only tarot deck from 1986.

All text, including text on cards, is in German. Includes instruction booklet.

Artwork by Günter Hager

(c) 1986


The second deck is the English version and a full 78-card tarot deck.

All text, including text of cards, is in English. Includes the same instruction booklet as the German deck, only translated into English and with additional pages for the Minor Arcana descriptions.

From the booklet preface by L.A. Bronstein (the same in both decks except in language):

"This tarot deck was developed by the tarot expert Günter Hager, working together with the artist Hansrudi Wäscher. Knowing and adhering to tradition they succeeded in giving a new expression to the actual and original pictures of the cards. Thereby, the hitherto neglected aspects of elementary concepts are given an adequate expression against the background of a mythological, medieval scenario, which provides the mental detachment mandatory for interpretation.

The unique achievement of the Arcus Arcanum tarot deck is the fact that it has abolished the stringing together of symbols, which often creates the effect of a collage of unrelated parts. In opposition to that, this tarot has integrated the whole antinomy of the basic meanings of a card into a coherent, but none the less dynamic form."

These decks are usually sold separately, so this is your unique chance to get both to complete your collection.