Tarot of the Pirates - First Edition
Tarot of the Pirates - First Edition
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Tarot of the Pirates - First Edition

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"Audacity, freedom, treasures and the ocean

Pirates and buccaneers, bold and proud, heroes and rascals... a deck that is fun and adventurous as well as historically accurate"

"78 Arcana on the legends of pirates, with divinatory instructions"


Published in 2008 by Lo Scarabeo. Torino. Italy.

New and in mint condition. The cards are still sealed inside the flawless box.

Bepi Vigna

Artwork by Michele Benevento

Color by Arturo Picca

An exciting and adventurous deck. This rare and out of print deck is will excite every collector who loved Pirates of the Caribbean as well as anyone who loves the history of pirates. Even today much of their lore and legend is steeped in mystery.