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Deva Tarot

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Deva Tarot by Herta Drnec and Roberta Lanohere

Published by Piatnik, Vienna. 1980.

French booklet published in 1986.

Made in Austria

93 Cards

23 Major Arcana Cards

70 Minor Arcana Cards

Includes one extra Minor Arcana suit: The Triax

The court cards consist of The Princess, The Prince, The Knight & The Lady.

The Major Arcana has a few changes also, with an extra card, XXII The Separator. Other changes are V The Antar replacing the Hierophant, IX The Searcher replacing the Hermit and XX The Aeon replacing Judgement.

The description booklet is in French and has 104 pages, describing all cards.

The cards are new and still wrapped, as is the booklet. The box shows minuscule signs of wear.