Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck

The Xultun Tarot was created by Peter Balin and published by Arcana Publishing Co., Wilmot, Wisconsin USA in 1976. The deck is still I print, but the one described on these pages is the first 1976 edition. The box is slightly scuffed on the edges, otherwise the box as well as the cards are in good condition. Comes with a small explanatory booklet.

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck cards lined up together to make an image

From the accompanying booklet:
‘It is a Tarot deck based on the imagery of the ancient Maya with card titles in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). A unique aspect of the Xultun Tarot is that all the cards of the major arcana (higher) join together to make one picture. The minor arcana (lower) divides into the court cards, 16 cards with persons represented on them: Lords, Ladies, Servants and Warriors. The remaining 40 cards divide into four suits. The first, Staffs, tell on one’s spiritual aspirations, hopes and desires. The second, Swords, tell of the mental aspirations and capabilities. The third, Cups, deals with the emotions and their complications. The last suit, Jades, encompasses the physical existence of a person. In a spread, the reader is presented with an endless number of arrangements that combine accidental relationships. It is in the observation of these relationships that the true work of the tarot is done....’.

A truly magnificent deck that through its colorful images transfers traditional Mayan symbolism into our daily life, resulting into a deeper understanding of the cards as well into our own state of mind.

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Box, Contents and Card Back

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Cover Cards

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Major Arcana

Xultun / Maya Tarot Court Cards

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Minor Arcana

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Little White Booklet Page 1

Xultun / Maya Tarot Deck Little White Booklet Page 2