Tarots of the Origins

The Tarots of the Origins was published by Lo Scarabeo in 1991. The original artwork has been designed by Sergio Toppi. The images are made with ecoline (water coloring).

This edition contains only the 21 cards of the major arcana and includes two leaflets, one describing the Tarot in general and the other offering the meaning of the cards in keywords. A later edition (which by now became also a collector’s item), was published in 2000 and contains also the 56 cards of the minor arcana.

This very rare edition is clearly one of Lo Scarabeo’s earlier publications in that the presentation of the cards as well as the packaging is more luxury than later publications. This edition is part of Lo Scarabeo’s so called Art Tarots (Tarocchi d’Arte) and was printed by Fratelli Moglia, Torino.

The images designed by Sergio Toppi show strong lines and archetypical images in a background of beautiful and inspiring coloring. The images show an almost shamanistic approach of the traditional symbolism of the tarot cards and, in doing so, provide the cards with a strong radiance of almost bilateral profoundness. The images of the Tarots of the Origins relate to unconscious wanting to connect love and solidarity throughout the world. A truly magnificent deck of cards!

Tarots of the Origins Box

Tarots of the Origins Box with Contents on Display

Tarots of the Origins Cards, Majors only deck