Oracle Belline

The Belline Oracle is a game conceived and drawn by EDMOND about 1845. The interpretation method and texts by the clairvoyant Belline.

The Belline Oracle is a well-known game of cartomancy. It was probably created in the midst 19th Century by a famous French clairvoyant named Edmond Billaudot who predicted the future of illustrious French figures as Alexandre Dumas, Napoléon III and Victor Hugo. He is said to have been a disciple of Madame Lenormand, and it is also said that she created the images on the cards. That though, seems highly unlikely regarding the fact how many different versions of the ‘Lenormand cards’ exist. Besides, a set of Lenormand cards consists of 36 cards while the Oracle Belline has 53. However, there are certain resemblances. The Oracle is complimentary to Astrology as well as to Tarot.

Oracle Belline Box and Contents including Red Book and Cover Cards

After he died, however, the Belline Oracle was somewhat forgotten. It was only during a removal that the Belline Oracle game was rediscovered. The cards intrigued another French clairvoyant Belline (hence the name of the oracle), who was said to be present the day the Oracle was found. He studied the notes that Billaudot had left, to better understand how it worked. He developed the offered technique and invented a method that made it easier to interpret them. In 1961 this text was published by Grimaud, Fr. All in all, its origin is a mysterious one, as is its name. Maybe, if the characters of Mr. Edmond Billadaut’s name are shuffled (like cards before a reaing...) and subsequently some of them are left and one ‘e’ is added, the name Belline can be formed...

The edition described has been produced in 1987 by France-Cartes, Paris. All cards are present. The cards, box an accompanying booklet are I good condition. The text in the booklet is multilingual in French, English and German.

Oracle Belline Box, Full Card Stack and Red Book

Oracle Belline Cover Cards up close

Oracle Belline All Cards on Display