Gareth Knight Tarot Deck

The Gareth Knight Tarot is the work of the leading occultist Gareth Knight (pseud. Basil Wilby, England 1930 and member of the Fraternity of Inner Light, related to the Golden Dawn), and the Dutch artist Sander Littel (Zwijndrecht 1939), who united their understanding and talents to create a tarot deck of great artistic and esoteric value.

Gareth Knight Aces

In 1963 Knight and Little met in the artist’s studio, the corner of a 500-year old warehouse high above the streets of Dordrecht, NL. Together they planned the rough designs of the deck, exchanging ideas and information on both art and the occult. Little researched kabbalistic literature suggested by Knight, while Knight gathered inspiration from old tarot designs in antiquarian bookshops, public museums and libraries.

During the next year, Knight sent little sketches of tarot designs scribbled with notes on the esoteric meaning of the cards. Little would respond with his own sketches, incorporating Knight’s ideas and adding questions of his own. Finally, a design would be completed to the satisfaction of both.

Through the combined efforts of Llewellyn Publications and U.S. Games Systems, Inc., the cards are now available to occultists and tarot collectors.

The cards are printed by Altenburger and Stralsunder Spielkarten in Germany, the box and booklet are printed in the USA.

The cards show resemblance to the cards of the Golden Dawn deck by Robert Wang. T

The deck shown on our website is published in 1984/85. All cards are present and in good condition. The box shows little signs of age.

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