El Tarot Grand Esoterico

‘The Great Esoteric Tarot is the first true and wholy Spanish Tarot in origination and design – on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the existing of playing cards in Europe’. Thus, wrote Heraclio Fournier in April 1976 in Vitoria, Spain.

El Tarot Grand Esoterico box, little white book and stack of cards

The design of the cards by Luis Pena Longa resembles the standard TdM but is more colorful. The major arcana cards are numbered and have titles in Spanish. Card number XIII, Death, is not numbered, probably because number 13 is considered an unlucky number. Astrological symbols and Hebrew letters have been assigned to the cards of the major arcana and the court cards. The minor arcana cards have numbers, but no titles.

This first edition is in good condition. The box is slightly scuffed on the edges, but further undamaged. The cards have never been used as they are still cello-wrapped.

The accompanying booklet has 48 pages and offers a fairly extensive description of the cards written by Maritxu Guler (Roncal, around 1920). The booklet is quite unique since most descriptions in other accompanying booklets are mostly rather common and applicable to any kind of tarot deck. This little booklet actually offers a mini-tarot-course.